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4 Steps For Selling On-line Banner Campaigns To Print Advertisers

Posted by Dan Vigil on December 7, 2007

The Pareto Principle applied to sales presentations tells us that 80% of the sale comes from 20% of the presentation.

Many small business owners are not web saavy so you can present yourself out of the sale if you’re not careful. As always, be sure to let the client talk as much or more than you in the process. If you allow your interactive sales presentation to become a lecture you’ll end up with an educated non-customer. After you uncover the pain, here’s 4 key steps to presenting on-line banner campaigns to print advertisers.

Step 1. Lead in with demographics:

Lead with demographic information about your on-line visitors. This makes a great transition from a print presentation. Ask questions like: “What kind of customers would you like to have more of?” or “Where do your best customers come from?”. Often time the answer is “referrals” or higher income “buyers” looking for quality and service as opposed to “shoppers” looking for price.

It’s no secret that on-line users, especially on-line newspaper readers, are cream of the crop consumers. Use visuals with bullet points to show the attractiveness of the on-line user to an advertiser. Mention the the advantages of the newspaper demographic over other media types if you identify that as a concern for your client. Click here for some graphs comparing the household incomes for users of competing media types. On newspaper websites you’re actually reaching the “cream” of the cream of the crop. Click here for a sample on-line demographic one pager.

Step 2. Show Samples And Specs:

Most print advertisers are accustomed to paying more for color so be sure to show them some attractive color banner ads from other advertisers in their industry. You may need to search the web to find them but it’s time well spent. Even if you don’t have a laptop available to demo the animations, a color print out works just as well. Better yet, you can prepare a spec ad for them in different sizes. Seeing their business advertised in a color animation is sometimes all it takes to get the contract. Click here for a list of sample banners across different industries.

Step 3. Show Traffic Reports:

The best thing about internet advertising is that it’s measurable. Make sure you show your client that they can know how many people saw their ad, how many responded, what day of the week, what time of day, where they were located. All of the information in a standard DoubleClick report is impressive to a print advertiser. We can only speculate the reach with print campaigns which are often only measured by phone calls. Bring a sample report from another advertiser with you or show them a report on-line if you can. These reports are a natural lead in to the closing step next.

Step 4: Offer the Trial Run.

“You know Mr. Advertiser, with all of these reports available to us, many of my advertisers will run a 90 day trial campaign. We can place different banners in different sections over a period of 90 days and then analyze the data to fine tune the campaign going forward.” Then you pull out your list of available sections and match up their products or services with the best on-line section -Preps, Sports, Health, Main News etc.

I’ve had far more success selling a “sponsorship” with guaranteed minimum impressions at this point than getting into the CPM discussion. $1500 per month for a home page Leaderboard with a guaranteed minimum of 50,000 impressions is 3x more revenue than a $10 cpm. CPM’s are on their way out anyway as I mentioned in my post on “Selling On-line Advertising for Newspapers“.

“The Word is Alive”


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