Thoughts On Selling the WWW.

Building An Interactive Sales Team

Posted by Dan Vigil on December 7, 2007

I was approved to build out an interactive sales and development team today.

In some ways it’s a classic case of “be careful what you ask for”. The revenue objectives, although average in comparison to print revenue, are quite aggressive. I guess this is a way of forcing interactive to kick in.

Sales up to this point have relied heavily on up sells from print reps who already have a book of accounts. The model here is to reach those advertisers that have never advertised with us at all.

It’ll be a pretty slim department to start. The initial team will consist of a full-time developer and two full-time sales people. We’ll be doing some heavy cold calling both on the street and the phone. The objective is to at least touch over 200 local businesses each month. We’ll also be making use of on-line prospecting and in paper advertising in an effort to get prospects to come to us.

I don’t expect a full suite of stand-alone products to be available until March 08 so we’ll begin generating revenue by selling bundles, niche on-line products, local search packages and banners on-line. The developer will be as much a part of the team as the feet on the street. The book hasn’t been written in this space yet and I’ve seen some good development people come up with the best on-line products by accident.

We’ll also be working closely with editorial teams to build new opportunities and empower our sites to capture more information about our users. Currently we collect nothing from anyone that visits any of our web sites. We’ll be looking to build in “voluntary” registration to access key content etc. asap.

The task won’t be easy but I’ve done it before so I’m up for the challenge. More importantly, its going to be fun to be free to make things happen again.

“The Word Is Alive”


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