Thoughts On Selling the WWW.

Email Marketing Leads The Way In 2009

Posted by Dan Vigil on February 23, 2009

Found this on www.kenradio.com:

E-mail leads all other channels by a wide margin in terms of performance for their companies. 80.4% of more than 3,000 executives surveyed chose e-mail as a strong advertising performer, compared to 56.8% who chose search, the second leading performer. e-mail is a proven means to develop one-on-one communications and provide valuable and relevant content. Latest research shows the effectiveness of these programs which drive online and offline behavior, from applying for credit cards to opening new accounts and selecting investment products.

In addition:

* 42.1% chose online display advertising as a strong performer
* 32.8% selected offline media, such as television and print
* 32.1% chose direct mail
* 22.9% selected social media
* 9.2% chose mobile marketing


“The Word Is Alive”


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