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What’s Next For Newspapers and Yahoo!?

Posted by Dan Vigil on December 5, 2010

Newspapers and Yahoo! have made significant strides working together over the past few years. In the area of online display ad sales, newspapers have sold over $120 million dollars in premium ad positions across the Yah0o! network. Advertisers have also benefitted greatly from the extended local reach provided by Geo-targeted ad inventory. While there were some tough challenges at he beginning of the partnership and still many wrinkles to iron out, it’s clear that the partnership is working.

But what else can newspapers and Yahoo! do together to take on Google and Facebook? Can they take their partnership even further? Are newspapers willing to leverage their coveted local content on the Yahoo! network?  Can Yahoo! help provide the technology infrastructure that newspapers are scarmbling to develop? Is Yahoo! willing to explore pay models around content along with newspapers?

These are all questions that it would be helpful for newspapers and Yahoo! to discuss further. When their partnership began, Facebook was playing second fiddle to MySpace and tablet computing was just an idea. The pace is only going to speed up in the coming months. Assuming that they are able to take their partnership to the next level, the following is a list of ideas that newspapers and Yahoo! might consider:

1. Content Management:

Yahoo! has clearly positioned themselves as a content management company and a curator of content. Many newspapers are still struggling to upgrade their current content management systems. They are building development teams and purchasing expensive software platforms in search of a flexible and powerful content management platform. Yahoo! already has this. Why couldn’t newspapers make use of Yahoo!’s content management technology. This could save Newspapers millions of dollars and allow Yahoo! to have easier access to valuable local content.

2. Yahoo! Contributor Network:

Newspapers can take advantage of the content contribution platform that Yahoo! recently launched. They can employ the platform and monetization model on local news web sites. Contributors on Yahoo! can offer their content on Local News sites.  Newspaper editors may even choose to publish appropriate content from Yahoo! contributors in local print editions.

3. Yahoo! Search Quick Apps:

Local news should be integrated into Yahoo! as a Quick App. Newspapers are sitting on a goldmine of archived content that can be integrated into Yahoo!’s search platform. This tool would allow users to access location-specific news on-the-fly.   Whether it’s news from 10 years ago or 10 minutes ago, users will be able to search for local news by location through Yahoo!

4. Niche Audience Opportunities:

Newspapers are the experts at creating content for niche audiences. Yahoo! and newspapers can team up to launch national audience-based content offerings around niches like Prep Sports, Moms, and Baby Boomers. Much of the valuable content produced for niche print offerings never makes its way into the digital world. Yahoo! can extend the breadth and reach of niche local content for newspapers.

5. Yahoo! MyBlogLog Integration:

Some of the highest traffic areas on newspaper sites are blogs maintained and updated by local journalists. Newspapers should integrate their blog platforms with Yahoo!’s MyBlogLog services which will not only increase the visibility of blog visitors and their behavior, but will increase traffic for newspapers as their blogs are discovered in Yahoo!’s communities.

6. MyYahoo!/Personalized News:

Serving up millions of different home pages each day, Yahoo! has created a perfect platform for personalized news offerings. Local news can be integrated into MyYahoo! and users can be given the option to “subscribe” for custom or complete e-editions offerings that they can print out and take with them.

7. Multi-Platform Development:

Newspapers are struggling to deliver content on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. Just as developers are getting the hang of HTML and flash development, new advancements like HTML5 are making cross platform development easier. Yahoo! has the expertise in place to convert and enhance newspaper content offerings for multiple platforms at a much a faster pace.


8. Directories & Search:

Rather than creating their own directory platforms, newspapers can offer directory listings and local search advertising packages that are “powered by Yahoo!”.  Listings on Yahoo! can appear on local newspaper sites and newspapers can sell listings and search products to local print clients.

9. Email Marketing:

Newspapers can use Yahoo! opt-in email databases to sell e-blast campaigns to local advertisers. Currently, newspapers are struggling to maintain and build their own databases and many are simply buying lists from email brokers and reselling to local businesses. Yahoo! can offer a fresh supply of emails for local newspapers to market.

10. Small Business Services:

Newspaper’s maintain “on the street” sales teams that market Yahoo!’s small business services like Domain Name Registration, Web/Email Hosting and e-commerce services. Newspapers can become preferred resellers of these packages to local businesses and can bundle these services in with existing offerings.

11. Web to Print:

Yahoo! can offer small businesses the opportunity to build and place local print ads online. Just as they are offering domain and hosting services, Yahoo! can offer local print advertising to small businesses.  Advertisers can build and place ads in local newspapers through Yahoo!’s web site.

12. Vertical Sales Opportunities:

Both Yahoo! and Newspapers are deeply engaged with Zillow on the Real Estate front. Yahoo!  should explore more revenue opportunities that take further advantage of the newspaper sales force and local relationships. What local directory, display  and targeted advertising programs can be offered to local real estate agents and brokers.


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