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3 Crazy Ideas For Newspapers In 2012:

Posted by Dan Vigil on December 8, 2011

Are They Really That Crazy?

1.Earn A Degree By Reading Your Newspaper:

A professor once said that if you read the WSJ cover to cover every day for a year, the knowledge gained is equivalent to an economics degree.

Local Newspapers can get accredited or partner with local correspondence schools that are accredited and offer instruction via a special section in the newspaper each week. Subscribers can earn a degree or certification by reading a section in the paper every week and taking additional correspondence tests etc. online.  Readers can even complete assignments  outlined in the paper, and send them in. Additional fees can be charged for degree processing etc. This could be great for circulation!

2. Small Business Self-Serve Support Centers:

Most newspaper locations have lots of open space from old press and distrinbution areas, as well as open office space. They are also open around the clock.

They not only maintain networks of computers loaded with software and tools equivalent to self-serve Kinkos/Fedex centers, but they operate many of the printing and copying facilities that small business use.

With the cost of hardware dropping, newspapers could easily setup a bay of computer/desktop publishing stations which local businesses can rent by the minute. VIP membership programs can be sold that include local advertising or custom publishing services. This could be a great lead generator for sales teams, they’d be passing by local business owners all day long as they walk in and out of the office.

3. Incentivize Editorial Teams For Traffic & Clout:

Page views are the oil in the online content world. Newspapers should develop incentive programs that encourage editorial teams to produce, manage and build traffic to their own blogs, articles and online sections. The editors of tomorrow will be engaging readers through social networks and blogs not just writing articles. They should be compensated for measureable results, not just meeting deadlines.


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