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Twitter Launches Enhanced Profile Pages For Advertisers

Posted by Dan Vigil on December 9, 2011

As part of a site redesign, Twitter launched enhanced profile pages for businesses this week allowing advertisers to drive engagement and build their brands.

Currently available to only a select group, they are promising to make the new pages available to all users through a gradual rollout. The new profile pages allow businesses to display a 835 x 90 pixel header across page, right below the account information.

Users can also include auto-expanding promoted tweets at the top of their timeline on the page, allowing them to showcase special offers and messages to visitors. The auto-expand feature allows users to display media such as photos and videos from partner sites.

Because the profile pages are “public”, users don’t have to join or log in to Twitter to see them. This could become a great advertising tool for SMB’s. The pages are easier to setup than a web site and allow SMB’s to update with tweets. Some of the first brands to launch are Coca Cola, Nike, Dell and American Express so keep an eye out for the twitter.com/brandname ads that are sure to start hitting soon.


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